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Data Sets

Quality data sets can be purchased below. The data available was obtained using a high end imaging system that may not be affordable or practical for everyone. Users need not worry about the staggering associated expenses, maintenance, long integration times or calibration process.

Once purchased, the full resolution (60 megapixel) data sets can then be processed and used as required.

Newer data is being captured with the Planewave CDK14 and the high resolution full frame camera (QHY600M) using the Sony IMX455 sensor. Click here for complete details of the observatory.

The fast focal ratio of f/4.76, very high sensor efficiency of ~90%, and ultra narrowband Chroma 3nm narrowband filters offer very good signal to noise ratio. LRGB is captured with the Chroma LoGlow and Astronomik RGB filters. Typical integration times are 10 to 20 hours which offer very clean data sets. Below is an example of the FWHM of a series of 600s exposures. Note the average FWHM ~ 2.1 arcseconds.

Click for FWHM graph of a data set
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TelescopeCameraPrice / Set (USD)
Planewave CDK14QHY600 (61 Megapixels)90
Planewave CDK12.5QHY268 (26 Megapixels)45