Lightweight Telescope Tube Rings – All Sizes

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Lightweight Telescope Tube Rings – All Sizes – Carbon Fiber


Bottom: Heavy Duty Carbon fiber Losmandy Type for up to 25lbs (12kg)

Top: Carbon fiber Dovetails – Lightweight, for accessories

M6x25mm + Washers

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Lightweight Telescope Tube Rings – All Sizes – Carbon Fiber


What are – Rouz Astro Carbon Fiber Composite Tube Rings?

These telescope mounting rings are CAD designed and FDM printed for a combination of exceptional strength and low weight thanks to the tough carbon fiber composite material that offers excellent mechanical properties.


  • Unlike traditional metal rings that are heavy, these are much lighter, typically less than half the weight and up to a quarter of cast rings
  • The weight reduction significantly increases mount performance and therefore image quality
  • Paired with the lightweight bottom and top dovetails, users can save several pounds of weight, at times more than the OTA itself!


  • Engineering grade material used is a composite of polymers and carbon fiber which are fused at high temperatures over 500 deg F (no glue or epoxy is used)
  • All bolts are threaded into oversized implanted stainless steel receptors
  • For the new 2024 onward models, melted brass inserts are no longer used
  • The oversized hinges also use stainless steel hardware
  • Tested in various scenarios with hundreds of pounds of load – some videos can be found here

Custom Sizes?

Yes! We make rings up to 12.0 (304mm) in diameter. You can order any custom size here.


  • Sold as a pair (2x rings)
  • Typical lead times are 2-6 days
  • Available in dozens of sizes + Custom sizes.



  • Felt lined
  • Hinged design
  • Implanted stainless steel threads
  • Bolt spacing: 2.0 inches – 50.8mm – M6
  • Weight per ring: 200 to 500 grams per ring (depending on size)
  • Material: Carbon Fiber composite – FDM Print
  • CNC aluminum knobs (red)
  • High UV, water, and temperature resistance up to 60 deg C (140F)

Additional information


75mm – 2.9 in., 76.2 mm – 3.0 in. Tele Vue 85, 80mm – 3.1 in., 82mm – 3.2 in. Askar FRA300, 85mm – 3.3 in., 90mm – 3.5 in. Askar FRA400, 95mm – 3.7 in. Takahashi FSQ-85 & FS – 78, 100mm – 3.9 in., 102mm – 4.0 in. NP-101, TV-101, TV-102, Orion ED80, 115mm – 4.5 in. Takahashi FS-102, Ex.Sci. 102 ED/APO, 120mm – 4.7 in. Astro-Physics AP110 GTX, 125mm – 4.9 in. Takahashi FSQ106 – TSA120, 127mm – 5.0 in. TeleVue NP-127, 130mm – 5.1 in. Explore Scientific 127 ED Alu. Tube, 140mm – 5.5 in. Astro-Physics AP130, 145mm – 5.7 in. Takahashi FS 128, 146mm – 5.7 in. Explore Scientific 127 ED Carbon Fiber Tube, 150mm – 5.9 in. TEC 140 APO, 156mm – 6.1 in. Takahashi TOA-130NS, TOA-130NFB, FS-152", 162mm – 6.4 in. TEC 160 APO, 165mm – 6.5 in. Astro-Physics 155 ED, 166mm – 6.5 in. Takahashi Epsilon E130, 171mm – 6.8 in. GSO 8" f/5 Newtonian, 177mm – 7.0 in. Ex. Sci. ES152 ED Carbon Fiber, 178mm – 7.0 in. INTES MK69, 179mm – 7.0 in. Takahashi TOA-150 (Extra Heavy Duty), 180mm – 7.1 in. Celestron C-6, 184mm – 7.3 in. Skywatcher Quattro 150P, 203mm – 8.0 in. Astro-Physics AP175, 180 (Extra Heavy Duty), 204mm – 8.0 in. Takahashi Epsilon E160, 210mm – 8.3 in. Takahashi Mewlon 180, 219mm – 8.6 in. Skywatcher, Orion 180mm Mak.-Cassegrain, 222mm – 8.8 in. GSO 8" f/5 Newtonian, 232mm – 9.1 in. Vixen VC220L, R200SS, AT 8 RC, Meade 8" SCT, 238mm – 9.4 in. Celestron C8, Skywatcher Quattro 200P, 232mm – 9.1 in. Takahashi Epsilon E180, 244mm – 9.6 in. Takahashi Mewlon 210, 252mm – 9.9 in. Officina Stellare Veloce RH200, 262mm – 10.3 in. Celestron C9.25 V1, 272mm – 10.7 in. Celestron C9.25 V2, 280mm – 11.0 in. Takahashi Mewlon-250, CR, CRS – CCA250", 312mm – 12.3 in. Celestron C11

5 reviews for Lightweight Telescope Tube Rings – All Sizes

  1. Rudy Nix

    I just received your rings for my AT8RC! I’ve installed them and am very pleased with the fit and finish of your product. I had weighed the complete telescope with both the old and new rings and now the setup is 4.4 pounds lighter! The original rings I had on the telescope weighed 8.2 lbs. Your rings came in at 3.8 lbs, which is actually less than half of the original.

  2. Howard K.

    Celestron C9.25 Rings –
    Thanks for making such great products
    Saves a tonne of weight

  3. Chuck Baker

    These are really great!  Light but more stable than thinner aluminum. I love mine on the Tak TSA120. Thanks again.

  4. Nana G.

    The mounting ring and handle that come with the Askar FRA300 are a bit restrictive in what you can attach to them.

    The outside diameter of the scope is 82 mm so any rings had to be custom made.

    I could not find any takers till Rouz Astro started offering custom rings.
    The rings, riser blocks and the top 6″ Losmandy plate are out of carbon composite.
    The red Losmandy dovetail plate is 12” long and is out of CNC aluminum.

    The finish of all the products are of top quality and the whole rig feels very sturdy.

    He is very easy to deal and communicate with and is responsive to questions and requests.

  5. Rami

    Saved a lot of weight – very stiff and high quality in production. Great shipping service as well. Would recommend

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