The Brilliant Butterfly – (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)

The Brilliant Butterfly – CDK14 – (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)

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Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses : Planewave CDK14 (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)
Imaging Cameras : QHYCCD QHY600PH M
Mounts : Astro-Physics 1100GTO
Filters : Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 50 mm · Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm · Chroma SII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm
Accessories : Optec Gemini Rotating Focuser · Planewave Reducer 0.66x CDK12.5-14-17
Software : Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight
Guiding Cameras : ZWO ASI174MM Mini

Acquisition details

Dates : July 26, 2022
Frames : Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 50 mm: 53×600″(8h 50′) (gain: 56.00) -10°C
Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm: 34×600″(5h 40′)
Chroma SII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm: 28×600″(4h 40′)
Integration : 19h 10′
Avg. Moon age : 27.52 days
Avg. Moon phase : 4.52%
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale : 6.00
Mean FWHM : 2.20


The Butterfly Nebula – IC1318

A bright gas cloud with complex and intricate details. The dark central dust lane resembles a butterfly with the bright ionized gases on either side acting its wings.

Seeing was exceptionally good with sub-2.0″ frames. This allowed some high resolution data to be captured and processed here at 0.7″/pixel. At full resolution we can see many areas of interest with globules that are probably the early stages of star formation.

The native data was over 60 million pixels captured with the QHY600 in high gain mode with gain=56. The capture resolution was 0.46″/pixel later down sampled.

The CDK14 was operating at f/4.75 with the dedicated focal reducer.

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