The Giant Squid (SH2-129) – (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)

The Giant Squid (SH2-129) CDK14 – (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)

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Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses : Planewave CDK14 (Rouz Astro Reducer-OAG Kit)
Imaging Cameras : QHYCCD QHY600PH M
Mounts : Astro-Physics 1100GTO
Filters : Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 50 mm · Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm
Accessories : Optec Gemini Rotating Focuser · Planewave Reducer 0.66x CDK12.5-14-17
Software : Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Stefan Berg Nighttime Imaging ‘N’ Astronomy (N.I.N.A. / NINA)

Acquisition details

Dates : Sept. 28, 2022
Frames : Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 50 mm: 131×600″(21h 50′) (gain: 56.00) f/4.7 -10°C bin 1×1
Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 50 mm: 69×600″(11h 30′)
Integration : 33h 20′
Avg. Moon age : 2.61 days
Avg. Moon phase : 7.51%


The Giant Squid (SH2-129)

Located in Cepheus and some 1300 light years from Earth, this object is relatively dim and proved quite challenging to image despite the faster optical setup at f/4.7 and the 3nm narrowband filters. Overall integration time was high and I would have preferred more Oiii data but the number of clear nights are limited now.

Shown here is Ha-OO mapped to RGB with a slightly modified expression:

R: Ha
G: ((OiiiHa)^~(OiiiHa))Ha + ~((OiiiHa)^~(OiiiHa))Oiii
B: Oiii

Below is a starless version emphasizing the nebulosity:

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