The Whirlpool (M51) – Remote 70cm RC

The Whirlpool (M51) – Remote 70cm RC

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Acquisition details

Dates : July 29, 2022
Frames : 78×300″(6h 30′)
Integration : 6h 30′
Avg. Moon age : 0.69 days
Avg. Moon phase : 0.54%


The Whirlpool (M51)

Trying out new processing techniques with LRGB data.
The data wasn’t much, 6.5hrs total, but it was taken with a 70cm RC at the remote Telescope Live location (IC – SPA-2).

Lum : 1:00 hrs.
Red : 1:55 hrs.
Green : 1:40 hrs.
Blue : 1:55 hrs.

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